Free Ice Cream Business Plan

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We provide this ice cream business plan for free download. You can use it as a blueprint to develop a business plan for your ice cream business.

The business plan is very detailed and contains all the information you need to develop a solid ice cream business plan.

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We are going to help you build your dream with this free ice cream business plan. You will notice it is a pretty solid report that’s ready for implementation to take your business off the ground.

In the Whimz ice cream business plan, you will find:

  1. The ice cream business overview
  2. Business vision, goals, and objectives
  3. Overview of local ice cream market
  4. Ice cream business operation plans
  5. Strategic development plan
  6. Quality control measures
  7. Business expense management
  8. Human resource management
  9. Sales and marketing plan
  10. SWOT analysis
  11. Competitive analysis,
  12. …and many more aspects of ice cream business.

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Did You Know…

A dairy cow produces between 40 and 150 liters of saliva per day. To a greater extent, the volume of saliva produced depends on the type (and quantity) of feed it consumes. High roughage content in feed increases rumination while concentrates suppress it.

Saliva is very important for two reasons:

  1. Saliva provides an alkaline (buffer) medium in the rumen. This will counteract high acid producing feeds such as mollasses, beets, and cereals.
  2. Saliva suppresses excessive foaming, hence reducing the chances of bovine bloating.


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